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This website is a policy, law and regulatory resource for the ICT industry in Africa provided by Lisa Thornton Consulting.  

See https://www.mondaq.com/Guides/Subject/50?country_id=196 for an up to date (2023) TMT South African Guide!

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Most of the South African documents mentioned on the ICT Update may be downloaded from the  SA Gov Docs pages. 

There are short articles and other publications on a variety of subjects, such as licensing, spectrum, interconnection, pricing, undersea cables, competition law, and privacy on the Publications page.  You may also access for free, the book Telecommunications Law in South Africa.

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Some Recommendations

I have the privilege to work with such a renowned international legal expert in the establishment of a telecom regulator in Namibia and subsequent transformation of a telecom industry. Lisa's expertise is core to the team where she is seconded by the ITU to establish all legal processes and do all the preparatory steps necessary for the commencement of a new Act which also establishes the regulator. As a major part of her assignment, she drafted critical regulations necessary to accompany the commencement of very complex legislation. She exemplifies a good character under an especially strict project timeline which she continues to pursue with a high level of enthusiasm, passion and dedication to delivering quality output. I can therefore confidently recommend Lisa's work, she will be great asset to any undertaking of this nature! Alisa Amupolo, strategic Advisor at Namibia Communications Commission / Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia

Lisa’s appreciation of the South African regulatory environment was extremely valuable in pursuing our business ventures in South Africa. She was responsive, to the point and most importantly, her work product showed that she understood our business needs, as well as our legal / regulatory needs. I continue to leverage Lisa’s expertise and have strongly encouraged our other partners to use Lisa as well.  Alan Khalili, Director Corporate Development, Iridium Satellite