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ICT Policy, Legislation and Regulation in South Africa

Lisa Thornton Consulting publishes the free ICT Update for clients and friends.  If you would like to subscribe, please go to:

Electronic Communications

The Global Legal Group has published the 2015 International Legal Guide to Telecoms, Media and Internet Laws and Regulations.  The South Africa chapter was written by Lisa Thornton.

Telecommunications Law in South Africa

The book, Telecommunications Law in South Africa, was published in 2006 - the result of a project to develop a text book on telecommunications law in South Africa.  The project was developed and implemented by Lisa Thornton with partial funding provided by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC).

Regulatory Issues

Articles published...

EC Act licensee:  The cost of compliance versus the cost of non-compliance, published in Quantum, April 2011 and as Communications Law:  Costly to comply; even more if you don't in Without Prejudice, Vol 11 No 2, March 2011.

BNA International publishes articles in World Communications Regulation Report by Lisa Thornton on ICT law and regulation in South Africa.  Articles are adapted from that series can be downloaded hereThis series includes short summaries and analysis of the most important electronic communications regulatory issues.

Papers/Presentations - these documents are adapted from recent conference presentations by Lisa Thornton.

The following articles were published in BMI TechKnowledge's Navigator series. An Effective Regulator must be an Independent Regulator:  Suggested Amendments to South Africa's Enabling Legislation, Nov 2009

Telecoms Prices

Lisa Thornton prepared a regulatory memorandum for the South Africa Foundation for Telecommunications prices in South Africa:  An international peer group comparison, April 2005; see also Business Leadership South Africa, South African telecommunications prices:  An updated international price comparison, with regulatory recommendations, November 2007


Lisa Thornton assisted the South African Competition Commission with the production this document, The State of Competition in the Telecommunications Sector in South Africa, included in the 2006 Report of the ICN Working Group on Telecommunications, Appendix III, Country Studies.


Lisa Thornton for Business Report, Where legislation stands on personal e-mail in the office, October 15, 2003

Document Management

Lisa Thornton Inc produced A Guide to Achieving Email Compliance - a South African Perspective in 2005 as a guide to achieving compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.