Lisa Thornton Inc publishes thefree  ICT Update for clients and friends. 

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Although the ICT Update is free, donations are appreciated, and can be made by utilising the donate button found on this page or by direct deposit into the bank account found in the ICT Update.


The ICT Weekly Update is an email update of policy, legislative, regulatory and legal developments in the ICT industry in South Africa and in Namibia. 
  • The first section includes new findings, judgments, and announcements.
  • The second, new proceedings.
  • The third section includes all of those proceedings that are pending and open for public participation, with due dates noted.  An item stays there until the due date has passed, and then it is moved to the fourth section. 
  • The fourth section is a running list of open proceedings where a finding, judgment or announcement is pending.
  • The fifth section lists some Lisa Thornton Inc publications.
Because pending items stay on the ICT Weekly Update until finalised, there is little need to access earlier versions.  However, should you want a copy of an earlier version, please contact us

Copies of many of the Government Documents that appear in the ICT  Update can be found by going to the Government Documents page.