Re-imagining Policy for ICTs (and broadcasting)

Posted by LA Thornton on Tuesday, November 18, 2014
On 14 November 2014, the Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services published the 299 page National Integrated ICT Policy Discussion Paper.  Comments are due by 15 January 2015.

The paper covers a wide range of issues.  Below is the outline of the Paper presented in its introductory chapter.

Key Principles and Approaches - identifies key principles and issues that affect all ICT related sectors, including core regulatory principles, green ICT policies and approaches to ensuring an open Internet.

Infrastructure and Services - focuses on the infrastructure and services necessary to ensure universal access and affordability goals are met. ICT infrastructure, together with the multitude of services that it enables and supports, is the invisible but indispensable base component for developing the information society and building the knowledge economy. The Chapter also considers the postal sector and related services, and options related to the effective management of the radio frequency spectrum.

The Digital Society - considers how to develop and implement a national e-strategy to build a digital society, incorporating e-government, e-services and e-commerce strategies, as well as the policies necessary to ensure trust and confidence in new services. Internet governance is also dealt with in this Chapter.

Audio and Audio-visual Content Services - focuses on the new multichannel, multi-screen and multi-platform environment, where audiences will be able to access broadcasting and broadcasting-like content “anywhere, anytime and anyhow” – and more easily share content they have created.

Industry Growth - addresses the strategies necessary to promote growth in the industry. It presents policy options on transformation of the sector, investments, expanding the national system of ICT research, development and innovation, electronics manufacturing, and skills development.

Institutional Frameworks - assesses which institutions and institutional frameworks are necessary to achieve the policy objectives identified in previous chapters, and how the institutional arrangements can be strengthened to support these.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Communications, on 12 November 2014, published a request to the public and industry to submit issues for consideration during the Broadcasting Policy Review, which can include the following (most of which are also included in the Audio and Audio-visual Content Services chapter of the National Integrated ICT Policy Discussion Paper).  Submissions are due by 12 December 2014.
  • Mandate and funding of public broadcasting services
  • Regulation of broadcasting services
  • Content of local and national interest
  • Development of languages through broadcasting services
  • Broadcasting landscape beyond digital terrestrial television
  • Institutional arrangements to support the development of the sector
  • Must carry regulation
  • Media development and diversity

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