Local Loop Unbundling

Posted by LA Thornton on Friday, December 2, 2011
ICASA announced its findings in its inquiry re the ICASA Framework for Introducing Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) on 30 Nov 2011.

1.  ICASA will consult, starting Feb 2012, on the process to establish an Access Line Deficit Recovery Scheme.
2.  ICASA will engage the industry to ensure the price of IP Connect is reduced, from March 2012.
3.  ICASA will engage the industry, starting Feb 2012, to ensure a Bitstream product is introduced by Nov 2012.
4.  ICASA will conduct a Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) on the costs and benefits of LLU mid-2012.
5.  After the results of the RIA, ICASA will conduct a Market Review and introduce LLU regulations.
6.  ICASA will, in a separate process, undertake an inquiry into the unbundling of wireless access networks.

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