Electronic Communications Law and Regulation in South Africa

You are familiar with the (now, out of date) Telecommunications Law in South Africa?

We are initiating a project to update this book. It’s actually more than an update. It’s a new project. A new concept. The subject matter is similar - a law/academic/practical book on electronic communications law and regulation in South Africa.

However, the conception and drafting of the new book will be done collaboratively, online. We are looking for an easy to use online platform that facilitates collaborative thinking, writing, editing and publishing. If you have any specific recommendations, please let us know which platforms might be ideal (and why).

Some further key concepts:

  • The book will be publishable to different formats (print, download, e-reader, website).
  • The book will be published with an open licence, allowing anyone to use the book, including to adapt it to their specific use.
  • The book to be a living book.

See this and this, for examples.

The platform has to be super easy to learn and use (for non-geeky lawyers). Does anyone have any recommendations for appropriate online platform(s)? A git/Github for writers?

Please let us know if you want to be involved:

  • brainstorming the initial structure and content of the book
  • contributing a first draft of a chapter
  • technical support
  • administrative support
  • funding support

This could be a great project for advanced university students to be involved with.

Once the initial organisation and writing is complete, the plan is to open the book up to comments and suggested edits from anyone, so even if you don’t want to be involved initially or that would entail too much time, there will be a way for you to participate.

Thanks in advance.

We look forward to hearing from you.

All ideas and comments are welcome!