Lisa Thornton Consulting is a legal and regulatory consulting practice for the ICT industry in South Africa, and certain other African countries.  We provide a range of services, including contractual, regulatory, administrative and constitutional law, policy and legislative advice, to all sectors of the industry, including Internet and new media, telecommunications, broadcasting, e-commerce and associated sectors. 

Initial consultations are free of charge.  Contact us to see if we can help before you decide what to do.

A Unique Approach

Lisa Thornton Consulting (LTC) offers an alternative to the experience of working with large practices.  LTC is able to deliver high quality, professional, solution-oriented and timely work product on both small and large matters by focusing on one area of the law and by teaming up with trusted colleagues outside the practice, such as lawyers, economists, and researchers, as appropriate.  Lisa Thornton Consulting often works as a sub-contractor, and in other matters, is able to pull in the right expertise for the right matter

Some Recommendations

Lisa is the best telecoms lawyer that I have had the privilege of working with.November 7, 2008, Linden Petzer, Chief Director: Radio & Satellite Communication, Department of Communications

Lisa has one of the sharpest minds in her field, and I have enjoyed working with her on a number of challenging projects. She comes highly recommended!May 15, 2009, Brian Neilson, Director, BMI-TechKnowledge

In the 10 years I've been involved in South Africa's ICT sector, Lisa has distinguished herself in the sector as a regulatory advisor due to her knowledge, diligence and professionalism. I've worked with Lisa on a number of key regulatory matters and have been impressed with her work.November 10, 2008, Phatang Nkhereanye, Advisor, Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs, Broadband InfraCo.

Lisa has provided key insights that were integral in allowing us to navigate and arrive at the proper strategy for our Provincial Broadband Program. Her grasp of the complexities of ICT Policy and Regulation is unmatched, and her thoughtfulness and thoroughness in preparing written and oral contributions have been greatly appreciated by the members of the team. In key points during the program, she has also opened up her extensive professional network for the program's benefit. This has, on many occasions, allowed us to fill in critical gaps in knowledge and have accelerated the overall progress of the program.November 11, 2008, Jaime Singson, Manager, Diamond Management & Technology Consultants

Between 1996 and 2006, as General Manager of South Africa’s government Ministry responsible for telecommunications and broadcasting, I had on several occasions engaged the legal services of Ms. Lisa Thornton on regulatory, transaction and licensing matters. Lisa’s experience and advice proved to be excellent and enabled the government to successfully pursue its strategy on the licensing of the mobile operator and related telecommunications transactions. I am pleased to recommend Lisa with confidence."  November 13, 2008, Devan Naidoo, Head of Economic Services, National Treasury

Some Recognition

Lisa Thornton recognised by best lawyers in the regulatory and telecommucations practices in South African and named Lawyer of the Year in Regulatory Practice in Johannesburg 

Lisa Thornton named Expert in Telecommunications Law by Global Law Experts

Lisa Thornton has been named as a leading practitioner in Who’s Who Legal: Telecommunications Media & Entertainment

Lisa Thornton Inc has been chosen the Boutique Telecoms Law Firm of the Year in South Africa by Corporate INTL

Lisa Thornton Inc has been named a leading firm in the area of technology, media and communications law in South Africa by PLCWhich Lawyer?

Lisa Thornton Inc was named the Regulatory Communications Law Firm of the Year in South Africa in the ACQ Finance Law Awards

Lisa Thornton has been selected for inclusion in the Mail & Guardian's first annual book on people in the technology industry, Digerati: everyone you need to know in SA technology

Lisa Thornton Inc is listed as the Leading Communication and New Media Law Firm in South Africa
in Worldwide Legal Directories